Polycrystaline 60-cell module265-275W

This kind of products is suitable for installation on residential roofs and in industrial premises; they have good sustainability even in deserts and farms and off the coast.

  • 16.9%The conversion efficiency is up to 16.9%.
  • 1500VThe maximum voltage acceptable to the system is up to 1500V.
  • 100%Two 100% online EL tests before and after laminating ensure there is no hidden crack on the module.
  • 2%The technology of current grading brings additional electric output of 2%.
  • 3800 5400The bearable wind pressure and snow pressure are respectively up to 3,800 Pa and 5,400 Pa.
  • 12 25The product warranty lasts 12 years while the linear power warranty is 25 years.

Through 52 production quality inspection steps, various quality and ductility tests are passed:

  • VDE PID resistance test
  • VDE salt spray test
  • TUV NORD sandstorm test
  • VDE hail ductility test
  • CPVT sulphur dioxide resistance test
  • VDE double IEC/combinatorial test
  • Rigorous TUEV/VDE ammonia resistance test
  • Wind-tunnel dynamic load test by the national laboratory of Shanghai Jiaotong University
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